Stop Trying to Fit In! Create a Life to Suit You

Let me tell you a secret….

It might be important.

There’s this way that we typically assume that our lives have to be designed. It goes something like this: Find a career, get a full time job, settle down, buy a house, and have a family.

But for some of us that model is an absolute impossibility. Doing the same job all day everyday, however interesting, drives us bananas. Even when we have a family, we just can’t seem to settle down. There’s always a part of us that wants to move on, that craves adventure, creative activities and something new.

We want our lives to serve the community and a deeper purpose, and we are shocked by the inhuman values that drive our society. But it’s not so easy to figure out how to do it differently. And over the long haul, this can be demoralizing.

  • Are you tired of trying to fit in with a conventional lifestyle of one job and passion, while denying yourself the full range of your talents and interests?
  • Are you struggling with overwhelm, trying to do too many things and not getting anything done?
  • Do you also feel the urgent need for all of us to participate in making positive planetary changes?

I know…I have been there many times.

I’m Katie Curtin, and I could never show my full resume to any employer because there were too many different fields and interests that I have pursued- from railway worker and journalist, to community organizer and history researcher, to artist. (And that’s just to name a few!)

I would think I had found the ultimate job or career that would fulfill me, only to get bored and move on to something else. It seemed like I was advancing horizontally, starting out again at zero, getting to a certain point and then feeling the itch to move on.

There’s millions who struggle daily with not fitting into the predominant cultural paradigm, who feel like their creative talents are not being fully tapped, who would like to make this world a better place but don’t know where to start.


The Breakthrough
I began to pay attention and suddenly, everywhere I looked, I saw examples of artists, activists, and spiritually minded people who are just now beginning to break down the barriers and find a multitude of ways to foster social change…

I know dozens of artists who combine careers in the arts with being community organizers, teachers, doctors, scientists, or serving as holistic practitioners and healers. Many of them are also green and social entrepreneurs. What’s more, contrary to conventional wisdom, they do it well, and their different passions feed each other.

In countries like Bali, everybody is an artist, and either dances or paints, sculpts, or plays music. A rice farmer may be dancer, a teacher may be a member of a Gamelan orchestra, and a Bed and Breakfast owner may be a painter. And art is integrated into every aspect of daily life and spiritual practice

Some of the world’s most brilliant people have had a range of interests and passions which they’ve excelled in, not just one area of specialization:

  • Leonardo Da Vinci, renaissance painter, scientist and engineer.

  • Albert Einstein, theoretical physicist, violinist, and political activist.

  • Benjamin Franklin, US Founding Father, writer, printer, satirist, politician, scientist, inventor and diplomat. Composed music and played the violin, harp and guitar.

Are you ready to walk away from the Traditional Road to Spiritual Death?

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